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    In 2020, these 8 figures made China SCE showing more love

    Wave goodbye to the atypical year 2020, everyone has too many sorrows and hopes, and to make the 10,000 employees to be proud of being part of China SCE, is not only that 33-year-old China SCE has fulfilled its promise of exceeding RMB100 billion with great difficult and determination this year, but has also taken on a greater responsibility and delivered more love.

    Fighting against the Pandemic with One Heart

    1. 68,825 Protective Gowns

    With the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020, China SCE Group immediately announced a donation of RMB10 million, established and allocate funds from the anti-pandemic special fund, purchased 68,825 protective gowns through the platform of Shanghai Charity Foundation and sent them to the front-line in Wuhan to be used for fighting against the pandemic, to truly protect more than 1,600 Shanghai medical warriors rescuing Wuhan.

    Who does not have the gear for battle? We will wear ours with you. With all the people united, who has fears for the storm?

    (Shanghai medical warriors rescuing Hubei with protective gowns)

    2. 558,000 Property Owners

    China SCE Group is commited to  leading the creation of a better lifestyle, and its property management brand, Cippon Tao Wo, is the most dependable protector of good living in the community. During our fight against the pandemic in 2020, Cippon Tao Wo provided one-stop living services and "all-inclusive" value-added services. Apart from the "compulsory management" such as access control, temperature measurement, inspection, disinfection and sterilisation, it also took up the responsibility of buying household goods and taking and posting courier/delivery for property owners, as well as psychological counselling, in order to resolve the needs of property owners and to build a safety line for the family of 558,000 property owners

    A straw shows which way the wind blows, and persistence is all we need.

    (Employees of Cippon Tao Wo taking and posting deliveries for property owners)

    3. 36 Days

    As a multi-format development group enterprise, "benefiting others to be mutual beneficial" is the common spiritual pursuit of all businesses under China SCE. With the "cold winter" of commercial real estate caused by the pandemic, SCE Commercial Management withstood the pressure of operation and overcame the difficulties together with the leaseholder, took the initiative to support all leaseholders in operation by reducing rent by half for 36 days, and strived to cope with the difficulties and increase confidence together with the lowest cost and loss.

    To show the true nature and take responsibility at critical moments

    (Apart from rent reduction, SCE Commercial Management safeguarded leaseholders and customers against the pandemic with all its heart)

    Assisting with Education Together

    4. 3.3 Million Views

    To continue with the ten-year agreement with the China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation on assisting with education, in 2020, China SCE organized a series of activities called "Poetry Warms Children's Hearts" to unite love for charity for children in the rural areas across China. The "Online Call for Entries of Music Poetry" organised in spring attracted widespread public participation, created more than 400 videos of poetry reading on TikTok, poetry recommended by over 2,600 users on WeChat, and over 3.3 million views of poetry reading on Weibo. China SCE collected loving opinions from all over the world and made poetry readers and poetry speakers, which were hand-delivered to the children in the rural areas to give them the best companion with love

    We gather the power as a medium.

    (Elementary school students of the Yi ethnic group in Honghe, Yunnan happily receiving Little Junjun the poetry speaker)

    5. 35 Exhibitions

    In "Call for Entries of Drawings from Students in Rural Areas" organised in autumn of the "Poetry Warms Children's Hearts" series, students from 47 elementary schools in rural areas of 15 provinces / autonomous regions use painted with poetry and created almost 700 paintings. The paintings received 4.32 million votes from the public online, and were judged and carefully provided guidance by 9 renowned artists. Finally, outstanding paintings were exhibited in China SCE national project sites and shopping centres in 35 exhibitions. The purest dreams flourish into a broader world, and the most precious talents are explored and cared for more.

    Together hand in hand, we protect our dreams to go further

    (Opening of the exhibition of paintings by students in rural areas at China SCE Shuitou FUNWOLRD attracted audience)

    6. 73 Students

    Throughout 2020, China SCE continued to implement the China SCE scholarship programme in Xiamen University to provide financial assistance to poor university students in Xiamen and in Yichang, Hubei, which is counterpart supported by Fujian, benefiting 73 (prospective) high school students. At the same time, it provided over RMB20 million in subsidies for school construction, facility purchases and teaching training to elementary schools in Quanzhou, Fujian; Zhangzhou, Fujian; Qingdao, Shandong; and Nan'an, Fujian, as well as Southeast University and Shanghai Unviersity, in order to effectively leverage the empowering value of our educational public welfare.

    The power of awakening to change

    (Fulfilling the dreams of poor high school students in Yichang, Hubei)

    Loving the Community

    7. 4,300 bottles

    In autumn 2020, the employees of  China SCE innovatively integrated the walking race  "Jun Xing 3" with public environmental protection actions, over 1,000 participants from 13 cities put themselves into action by avoiding the use of disposal items and initiated a competition on recycling waste. By bringing their own sports water bottle, it saved the consumption of more than 4,300 bottles of bottled water. At the same time, the missions in the competition continuously advocated the public to treasure the resources and care for the environment, showing the true colours of employees of China SCE leading a good life quality.

    Life with Good Quality, with Our Help Leading to Low Carbon

    (Participants of "Jun Xing 3"  was spreading the concept of environmental protection and public welfare)

    8. 6 Years

    2020 is the sixth year for China SCE to work together with the national literary journal "Selected Stories" to support the development of social culture by funding. Three sessions of "China SCE Cup" are completed previously, there was a total of 35 fiction works and authors recognised by writers and loved by readers. China SCE hopes that by paying attention to the public interest and social culture, it can extensively implement the concept of good living and deliver happy writing and reading experience to the hearts of writers and readers

    Inducing the Power of Moving Forward with Love

    (Second session of "China SCE Cup", photo of authors who were awarded the Bi-annual Award at "Selected Stories")

    Looking back, these 8 figures are only snapshots of China SCE in 2020. It is the 10,000 employees of China SCE in over 50 cities across the country who delivered love with their hands, that made it possible for China SCE to give our more powerful love to the community. Sharing a better future, and such love would be passed on and spread out continuously in 2021 to support the better life of more people.