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    China SCE to the Next Level: People First in Everything We Do, Taking It to Victory by Strategy

    With 33 years of experience, China SCE has grown and expanded in the storm, exceeding RMB100 million on 20 December 2020. Behind this historical moment is the countless determination of China SCE to fulfill its promises in difficult times, but also the commitment to cope with difficulties and to continue to fight.

    "Everyone is remarkable" - through these words, we understand that the magnificent journey is achieved by everyone's steps and efforts. This resonates deeply with "People First in Everything We Do", what China SCE advocates.

    "People First", Getting Things Right with the Right People

    Almost everyone knows about "People First" at China SCE. As the Group's principle of management , it contains the distinctive features of China SCE and emphasises the priority of considering people first in everything we do. It is because we can only get things right with the right people.

    In the opinion of Huang Chiu Yeung, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of China SCE Group, once the issue of human resources is solved, all problems can be solved. He believes that the essence of business management is the construction of human resources, and that the core of management lies in people and in the construction of organisations.

    As everyone knows,  capital,land and talent are the three major elements that the real estate industry cannot be avoided. In the past, the first two were commonly given a higher priority. With the changes in the general environment and the three limits policy promulgated, the industry has moved from a fast-growing pace to a smooth and high-quality development, and talents have become increasingly important as a strategic source.

    Achievement is successful because of talents, and industry is expanded because of talents. It is the emphasis placed on talents and selection of talents, as well as the empowerment of individuals to strengthen the organisation, the principle of management"People First" injected much certainty in the organisational development of China SCE.

    With the important target of building organisational certainty, the human resources of China SCE continuously strengthened organisational motivation on this basis and promoted and protected the close-looped strategy. Looking at the changes throughout the past 30 years, on the basis of focusing on people, culture-driven and value-driven has gradually become the main driver of the development of China SCE.

    We nurture people with culture. From the reshaping and iteration of the cultural value system to the national strategic cultural tour responsible by the Group's executives, and then to the  gobi challenge round with missions accomplished, from "Interview with The President" where the boss would answer employees' questions to "Cannon of the General Staff" that listens to the opinions of the frontliner employees... China SCE continuously bring our consensus together to aim towards the goal.

    On the journey to construct the core competitiveness for the future, with the right people and by activating individuals as a result of centralising organisational wisdom, China SCE is marching forward to be a century-old enterprise.

    Gathering Talents

    Get things right with the right people. The quantity and quality of our talents often determine the success of the enterprise.

    Since the headquarters of China SCE has moved to Shanghai, China SCE has accelerated its planning across the country, attracted like-minded elites in the industry, created talent profiles for general, middle and senior staff, considered multi-dimensional aspects such as ability, potential, professional experience, culture compatibility and willingness, and implemented scientific management for interviews to strictly select candidates according to their talents.

    Earning money could be easy, but finding a great staff is difficult. Mr. Huang has repeatedly stressed internally in China SCE the importance of taking time and to conduct interviews during the "prime time". Gatekeeping the entrance of talent can magnify the effect for managers. In his opinion, the layout planning of all work starts from finding the right people.

    To attract talents, China SCE has formulated and implemented several special recruitment plans including "Lanjun Programme", "Huoshui Scheme" and "Bufeng Programme", and held a talent supplier conference every year to continuously expand the channels and optimise the cooperation model to accelerate the introduction of middle and high-end talents.

    Apart from recruiting the elites in the industry, in terms of building up the future organisational capacity, China SCE started building its own force by constructing two major management training systems, namely "Qianlima" and "Qihangsheng", and has successfully achieved the recruitment plan of "1,000 people in 3 years".

    The backwash rushes into the sea and grows and strengthens together with China SCE. Almost 1,000 outstanding graduates from renowned universities across the country and around the world have joined us, brining a strong new force to China SCE. The recognition from young people and the society has enabled China SCE to be awarded the title of "Favourite Employer of Chinese University Students" for two consecutive years, making it the benchmark company for employers recruiting from the campuses in China. Assemble talents and build a team of talents who has led hundreds of battles, with the continuous human resources, China SCE is full of power to leap and gallop all the way to reach higher goals.

    Cultivating Talents Endogenously and Creating a Sustainable Talent Supply Chain

    While accumulating the quality of talents, China SCE also emphasises on the cultivation of talents and the intensive empowering development to create a supply chain of talents in order to realise the positive cycle of endogenously cultivating talents.

    We can only forge the powerful strength through experience and training. Focusing on management trainees, project managers and marketing executives, we have dedicated a development programme to enhance the value of their abilities.

    "Liumaishenjian", a full-cycle training system for management trainees, provides all-round growth protection, and even exclusive promotional channel, its underlying logic is to receive more resources and opportunities from China SCE to ensure high success rate, this makes the solid foundation and strong after-affect of China SCE. The training camp focusing on project managers have been held for three consecutive years to create a comprehensive management perspective, and the team of project manager talents that understands business, can operate and can manager, gradually become a training and development base for internal project managers. The training camp specially built for marketing executives will comprehensively create an army of marketing executives, which is ready to be launched very soon.

    China SCE has tailor-made trainings for staff at different levels. Currently, the multi-dimensional and full-coverage training system is continuously empowering employees of China SCE.

    As for the "Overseas Programme" for middle and senior managers, it is a project created by China SCE together with Xiamen University to focus on training leadership. It enhances the overall management skills and helps to prepare for the abilities required for higher positions in the future. According to statistics, the promotion rate of the students in the first year reached 32.8%. The "Lingfeng Programme" that was launched in 2018 is a training programme built for higher-level leadership for senior management of the Group. To date, it has held 6 sessions to upgrade cognition through cross-border learning in order to help achieve implementation of strategic goals. Furthermore, the "Qingjun Training Camp" targeted to supervisors and the induction training camp targeted at new employees have been launched in an orderly manner, and the "Benteng Programme" is also under planning.

    At the same time, talent development is also in progress. From rank development system construction with double channel to rotation system, it not only facilitates the career development path for different types of employees, but also creates a broader career path to accelerate endogenous growth of talents. The talent inventory mechanism that is conducted four times a year provides a comprehensive assessment of the organisation's talent, focuses on organisational certainty and key talents, and emphasises the long-term capability development of employees. China SCE also advocates the promotion and advancement to value creators to truly make those who have what it takes to be in their best position.

    For a long time, under the empowerment of the organisation, various talents have constantly emerged in the organisation, and they have also returned to China SCE with their stronger professional level and management ability to assist the development of the Group.

    Day and night, guided by the light we strive bravely.

    All the way to the next level, "People First" takes China SCE to victory by miles. We are ready to set off again after we have reached our 100 billion goal. There is still a long way to go.

    Our goals in the future in respect to the resources for employees of China SCE are how to build an excellent employer brand culture and how to innovate the use of intelligent means to make the organisation more efficient, as well as making our employees happier.

    The road ahead is still going to be tough, but we believe that with all the strengths of employees of China SCE, we can illuminate our dreams and reach glorious victories one after another.