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    "100 FUNWORLD Programme" of SCE Commercial Management Achieving Both Speed and Quality

    Source | Winshang.com (ID: winshang)

    Before you know it, the year 2020 will be in the past. Looking back on this year, many industries was under the "survival stress test" under the pandemic. Although businesses were facing multiple pressures such as adjustment and restructuring, the "will to survive" and creativity were stimulated. Commercial real estate professionals have witnessed online and offline marketing, business recovery and innovation, and the co-prosperity of commercial real estate and partners.

    For the enterprises that had been accumulating their experience quietly and are well-prepared, this year is the key year for them to achieve "fast overtaking". While most real estate companies are slowing down due to external pressure, those who have the courage to seize the opportunities and show their strength are gradually becoming the focus of the market and stand out from the intensive competition.

    China SCE is a representative of the latter. Following the clear strategy of "100 FUNWORLD in 5 years" at the beginning of this year, SCE Commercial Management has made great efforts to acquire commercial land in ctities such as Jieyang, Fuzhou, Weihai, Nantong, Chongqing and Kunshan and provided outstanding results, fulfilled the promise of "taking 20 cities" made at the beginning of the year, expanded the territory of our business to nearly 40 projects, including nearly 30 FUNWORLD.

    SCE Commercial Management not only acquired land quickly, but it also ensured the series of measures such as preparation, investment and operation, is carried out in an orderly manner, in order to accelerate the promotion steadily and make sure the progress of the project is under control. In the past week, SCE Commercial Management consecutively opened two large shopping centres in Fujian Province, fulfilling the promise of opening within 20 months after land acquisition as scheduled, and fully putting "rapid acceleration" into action.

    A few days ago on 20 December, China SCE Group officially announced that its sales volume reached RMB100 billion, further demonstrating our ability and strength to fulfil promises and providing the market expectations for its "100 FUNWORLD".


    Two Openings at the Same Time, Demonstrating Quality and Speed

    On 19 December, the Third FUNWORLD in Quanzhou, Shuitou FUNWORLD had its opening that took the city by storm, achieved outstanding results with a high level of customer flow and sales. The sales in three days for a number of mainstream brands were ranked first in the province, which were particularly impressive among the shopping centres that opened at the end of the year.

    Shuitou FUNWORLD is the first one-stop city-level shopping centre in Xiamen with an area of over 120,000 sq m., and it is the first project implemented under the "100 FUNWORLD Programme" of SCE Commercial Management. Since the land acquisition in April last year, we have overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic and completed occupation of over 200 brands, with an opening rate of 99%. More than 80% of them entered Shuitou for the first time, and the level of the brands is no less than that of shopping centres in first- and second-tier cities.

    The flagship stores and newest stores of Yonghui Superstores (Green Label store), Hengdian World Studios, Haidilao, Starbucks, W Happy Kingdom (first indoor children's playground in Nan'an with a height of 11 meters) and Skechers superstore, Anta's latest 10th anniversary flagship store, all contributed to constructing an advantage for the overall brand image and customer attraction ability for the project.

    On the opening day took the city by storm and attracted many customers, instantly turning the event into an annual carnival with the city-wide focus, and demonstrating the positioning of "a world city, a new urban landmark".

    Putian Xianyou FUNWORLD, which opened five days after, also received great results with remarkable customer flow and sales. Xianyou FUNWORLD is built by SCE Commercial Management based on the local consumption needs, the first and only multi-functional complex shopping centre integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and dining with the concept of "one-stop family gathering centre" in Xianyou, introducing GuanPark, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and other well-known brands.

    Xianyou FUNWORLD places special emphasis on the creation of experience and entertainment. It has a children's playing area Junjun Playground based on the IP Little Junjun, and introduced many experience brands entering the city or region for the first time, such as Mondora City Fantasy, Lengjing Escape Room, Xingyi Cinema (Putian's first mega-screen luxurious cinema) and Xianyou's first large parent-child carnival park, in order to bring consumers a more enjoyable and upgraded consumer experience.

    It is worth mentioning that the end of each year has always been a peak period for commercial project openings. According to the statistics of Winshang.com, from November to late December, there will be 11 shopping centres opened in Fujian Province. Apart from the two FUNWORLD, the projects to be opened include Wanda Plaza (Fuhe, Fuqing) and Powerlong Plaza (Taishang, Quanzhou)

    The two FUNWORLD pay special attention to the control of fashion trend and brand style. It adheres to the brand concept of "Vibrant and Happy City", and made emphasis on creation of scenic space, the level of the brand business combination and the opening results. It demonstrates a higher industry standard and has formed a certain synergy with Quanzhou FUNWORLD and Nan'an FUNWORLD in the same region, highlighting the advantage of its scale.

    We can see that the accelerated expansion of SCE Commercial Management is not only focused on the speed, but also the planning and the quality of the acceleration. It has always implemented the concept of equal emphasis on scale and quality, concentrating on the renewal and upgrade to the business pattern of the city where it is located, and demonstrating the positioning of "a world city, a new urban landmark".


    100 Cities in Five Years, Acceleration in Planning

    Looking back at early 2020, SCE Commercial Management confirmed the planning of "100 cities in five years" was during the spreading of impact of the Black Swan event, pandemic outbreak, and the industry was generally not optimistic about the development prospect. It was not easy to propose this expansion acceleration strategy during that time.

    However, building a business itself is a journey of constant challenges, and the key is how to turn crisis into an opportunity to reach the goal safely. With this in mind, SCE Commercial Management did not expand blindly, but based on its own actual conditions, focused on entering first- and second-tier core cities, extensively exploring regions, flexibly entering third- and fourth-tier cities with high potential, in order to occupy any gaps in the market.

    After acquiring land, from the perspective of future development, China SCE Group's commercial team took the lead in judging the economic situation of the city, the location of the site, the surrounding commercial competition and other comprehensive factors, to ensure that the suit is suitable for a shopping centre and has potential for long-term development. Niu Wei, the president of SCE Commercial Management, had revealed that, based on the strategc planning direction of the Group, the business of China SCE is focusing on the Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Economic Rim, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the core cities in the central and western regions, and Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, forming a "4+1" regional strategic planning, spreading a national chain development map, which is to have chains across the country, regional development, expansion from the core, and key deployment.

    At the beginning of the new year under the pandemic, SCE Commercial Management acquired three commercial land parcels, followed by the expansion of "four cities in 10 days" and "five cities in half a month". The speed and momentum have surprised the industry.


    Quality Business Assisting in Transformation

    On top of speed, the pursuit of quality is also evident in SCE Commercial Management.

    Both the fact that Shuitou FUNWORLD and Xianyou FUNWORLD have opened successfully and that the property projects of FUNWORLD in many areas have topped the regions, have demonstrated the synergy between residential and commercial businesses, proving the effectiveness of the strategy of primary business supplemented by synergic business activities of China SCE Group.

    The "Primary business supplemented by synergic business activities" of China SCE Group refers to having property development as the primary business, and new retail FUNWORLD and FUNLIVE as the synergic business activities. As an important component of the Group, SCE Commercial Management mutually empowers with the Group's property development and FUNLIVE, and takes the important responsibility of helping the Group to complete its transformation smoothly.

    In order to do this, in the process of maintaining the scale of development, SCE Commercial Management insists on continuously refining its products and establishing its own unique label: "tailor-made" based on the market to respond to different city levels, consumption potentials and target customer groups, as well as serving consumers well in a targeted manner.

    SCE Commercial Management has established three product lines for its FUNWORLD: Urban Chic, Quality Life and Urban Outlets, respectively focusing on young urban middle class and families, urban families at all levels, and urban white-collars and those pursuing quality of life, to provide them with tailor-made products and services.

    Certainly, the diversified product lines are only one aspect, but the personalized customisation of the construction, the refined operation of the self-owned property, the operation model of the department store, the immersive scenario experience, and high-quality, good-looking and well-serviced aspects also constituted the core competitiveness of SCE Commercial Management.

    Based on these concepts, SCE Commercial Management not only creates immersive experience scenarios and membership services with love for customers, but also provides high-quality sales channels and services for brand merchants to help them increase their sales, and at the same time adds a landmark building to the city, realising the integration of business and people, business and city.

    With its refined operation and innovative changes in commercial projects, SCE Commercial Management has once again proved its market position by winning the "2020 Outstanding Commercial Property Operator of the Year" award at the 2020 Winshang.com Conference and Jinding Award Ceremony.

    - Conclusion -

    Achievement only goes to the ones who work hard in intensive competitions. After a going through a year of challenges in 2020, the situation of "the strong grows stronger" will be stabilised, and as one of them, SCE Commercial Management will continue to run with effort.

    In 2021, China SCE will open 5 large-scale commercial projects in Shanghai, Taizhou, Heyuan, Zhangjiagang and Pingdingshan, bringing new upgraded lifestyle to the locals there. It is believed that under the concept of "both quality and speed", SCE Commercial Management will renew the commercial pattern of more cities and its plan of "One Hundred FUNWORLDin five years Plan" will be achieved soon, which is something to be expected by the market.